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Welcome to Savannah Sweets, specializing in traditional southern candy and gifts, pralines, pecan candies, chocolate fudge, divinity and pecan logs.

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Our family-owned business began in beautiful Savannah, Georgia way back in 1981. Our homemade candies are made fresh daily using the freshest creams, butter and sugar. We specialize in pecan delicacies, traditional Southern candy and gift baskets perfect for family, friends and clients any time of year.

Locals, tourists and loyal customers around the country all agree, for quality products, superior service, and the very best in Pecan and Southern Candies, there is no better choice than Savannah Sweets. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Enjoy!


Two and One Quarter lb Traditional Praline Gift Box 18 Pralines

Our traditional Praline candy is among the very best. Our secret? Large, fresh pecan halves mixed with the finest, natural cream, butter and sugar. Order two boxes…one to give, one to enjoy. Pralines are 2 oz. each

ITEM ID: 301 – $43.95


More Praline Selections

Peanut Butter Gift Tower

Peanut Butter Lovers 6 Box Gift Tower
If peanut butter is your thing then this tower is built for you.  We start with 2 each  Milk, Pearl White and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups topped with Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter Chocolate Pralines.  The next box has our homemade creamy Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge. Then we add a layer of 2 each Milk, Pearl White and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Ritz Crackers followed by Peanut Butter Truffles and last Chocolate dipped Nutter Butters.  Now that’s a lot of Peanut Butter!

ITEM 630 –  $56.95


More Gift Towers


604 Favorite Flavors Gift Tower

Favorite Flavors Gift Tower
These are a few of our favorite things.  And once you taste them, we’re sure they’ll become your favorites too.  Our candymakers stack this tower with a dozen Milk Chocolate Pecan Clusters, followed by a tin with a Praline, Milk Chocolate Pecan Paw™, Glazed Pecans and Sugar & Spice Pecans, then top it all off with a box of Assorted Truffles.

ITEM ID: 604 – $34.95


Divinity 356 Savannah Sweets

Divinity Gift Box 18 oz

A heavenly confection that’s simply divine. Each smooth and creamy piece is topped with a fresh, mammoth pecan half. So delicious, you’ll find it virtually impossible to enjoy just one.

ITEM ID: 356 – $19.95



2 lb Assorted Chocolate Paws Gift Basket

To make our Pecan Paws™, we use the finest pecan halves, drench them in rich, creamy caramel, then top it all with a mound of chocolate. Gift Boxes and baskets contain individually wrapped 2-oz. paws™.

ITEM ID: 323 – $44.95


Gift Certificates Available

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